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About Us


1. It is the only Open-Access Scientific Journal with Immediate Provisional e-Publication facility[*].

2. We treat all thinkers and contributors to development of quality life on earth with highest respect, dignity and equality; value constructive criticism and freedom of expression.

3. By default every author contributing to this journal takes on to himself or herself the direct responsibility of maintaining the standard, reputation and dignity of the Journal vis-a-vis their own dignity and reputation in equal footing along with the journal's board of Editors.

4. Here the contributing author assumes the role of Editor and the de facto Editor-in-Chief in making the firsthand decision of acceptance and publication of their submission.

5. Further, the contributing author will be the one who will effect the online publication and be the first to witness the same published in IJESMET.

6. A Special Feature section has been included in this journal where Ideas/Thoughts of individuals with or without some material evidence are allowed to be expressed and recorded for future reference.

7. This journal recognizes the genuine hardship of many a excellent and talented researchers and innovators of the past who have been pushed to oblivion (even at times driven to edge of committing suicide out of frustration due to non-recognition or simple theft of their work by colleagues, senior officials, or even reviewers during the peer-review process) just for want of an appropriate and accessible forum of expression to record their highly potential ideas, thoughts, and work (often desirably exhaustive work too)[**]. Similar such fate and even worse situation, at times, befalls on to the lap of a fresh energetic budding scientist of the day who dares to report something offbeat.

     Unfortunately, it is a matter of pity that above apprehensions remain still much the same way even to this day of virtual-global-village reality under the garb of peer-review-first to maintain quality of publication standard.

    On the other hand, this Journal, is an humble attempt in this direction that would definitely alleviate hardship of many a deserving thinkers and researchers alike round the globe and help initiate rapid discernible changes into the system for good of Scientific Community and in the best interest of science and the humanity-at-large.

8. IJSMET is the only International Science Journal addressing these well recognized yet much suppressed/overlooked/taken for granted issues, unique to this community of scientists and technologists, on a mutual honor system between all the stakeholders without malice.

    Be it, therefore, be recognized as a Journal "of the Scientists, by the Scientists, for the Society" dedicated to harmonious growth of science, medicine, engineering & technology in tandem with the greater good of quality life on earth.

     Let us preserve IJSMET with all respect and dignity that it deserves without misusing the forum in any manner for posterity to travel even farther, faster, and deeper into the horizon of knowledge. (this is an appeal to the learned contributors to this journal of tomorrow).


[*] On circumstance, however; during our dynamic editorial processing if an Article published found containing objectionable and/or absurd material or the presentation found unacceptable on technical and/or academic grounds we will forthwith put away the material from public views and ask the contributor to amend his/her article within a given time and in extreme situation, on application of discretionary powers vested in the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, the article will be deleted along with black listing of the author(s).


The author/contributor of an article will be answerable to anybody affected, thereby, without any liability to the Journal. This being an open-posting journal, the editor(s)/Editor-in-Chief/owner/stakeholder(s) of the Journal shall in no way be responsible for the same.


 [**] Well documented instances are there where even Nobel Prize Wining Reports like

  • Hans Krebs's description of the citric acid cycle,

  • Solomon Berson's discovery of radioimmunoassay,

  • Bruce Glick's identification of B-lymphocytes,

  • Barbara McClintock's desciption of mobile gene elements,

  • Paul C. Lauterbur's seminal paper on Magnetic resonance imaging,

  • Enrico Fermi's breakthrough paper on the weak interaction theory of beta decay

  • Michael Smith's fundamental contributions to establishment of oligonucleiotide-based,site-directed mutageneis and its development of protein studies,

  • Johann Deisenhofer/Robert Huber/Hartmut Michel's work on photosynthesis,

  • Cerenkov radiation,

  • Hideki Yukawa's meson,

  • Stephen Hawking's black-hole radiation

and countless such path breaking highly acclaimed quality work have been rejected in the past on their first submissions by various peer-reviewed journals of standing, including the Nature.  


Aim and Scope

The "International Journal of Science Medicine Engineering and Technology" (IJSMET™) is an international online journal in English. The aim of IJSMET is to publish original research findings, reviews, and related articles/information at the earliest and to bring relevant knowledge to the public domain, in developing fields of science, medicine, engineering, and the technological world for the greater good of the humanity.

International Journal of Science Medicine Engineering and Technology (IJSMET™)publishes articles that emphasizes in-depth study (research), development and applications within the fields. All manuscripts are critically reviewed by a group of editors, and those judged inconsistent with the aims and objectives of the Journal, are not considered for publication. In addition, the contributions must be original, not previously or simultaneously published elsewhere. Papers must be written in English as per the guidelines, should have sound grammar and must employ proper terminologies.


Type of Contributions

Call for research and review articles is always open for submissions in all branches of Science/Medicine/Engineering/Technology as per our field of reference list and publication type-/ categories as mentioned in the website. If, however, a particular field is left out inadvertently in the given list interested contributors are requested to contact the Journal/editors and request for the field to be included.

1. Original Research Paper

2. Short Communication / Letter

3. Perspectives


5. Ideas / New Concepts with Arguments

6. Review Article

7. Popular Article

8. Essays

9. Hypothesis

10. Case Reports : Medicine

11. Case Studies : Engineering/Technology

12. News & Views

13. Commentary Paper on Controversial Scientific Issues

14. Reproducibility Initiative; Replication Attempt of published data

15. Negative / Non-confirmatory Results Reporting

16. Work-in-progress

17. Unfinished Work (due to retirement/shifting from R&D base or unavoidable reasons)

18. Preprint version

19. Accepted Author Manuscript (AAM) elsewhere

20. Published Journal Article (PJA) elsewhere

21. Book

22. Monograph

23. Book Review

24. Videos (upon request only)

25. IJSMET Repository (Any relevant material)

26. Meeting / Seminar / Conference Announcements & Reports

Article Processing Charge (APC) for all categories of contribution will be same excepting Books and Monographs where the Author is requested to contact the Journal.


Publication Poilcy

This is the only Scientific Journal that provides facility for immediate provisional publication and allows instant open access to its contents on the premise that making research out-put available at the earliest without hindrance to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge and its ultimate beneficial applications much faster for betterment of mankind in-general.

This journal while calls for an unpublished research work to be published it also encourages sharing a work-in-progress through this global media as it helps promote a dynamic and interactive scholarly community. Authors may choose to post their recently published articles or older articles for wider, coherent, and better visibility of their work and create a data base in IJSMET-Repository ( of course, it goes without saying that, possible copyright infringement and/or any other kind of legal implications associated will be of the contributing Author's lookout and ultimate responsibility to handle them directly and independently without the involvement of IJSMET management in any manner, should there be a controversy raised).

Further, there are occasions when a researcher due to some unforeseen personal difficulty or upon retirement from active service has some unfinished work worth to be shared/published may now do so here with appropriate annotations and even suggest interested fellow researchers around the globe a direction. Decision, of course, lies with the fellow researcher to follow, not to follow or follow with caution and modifications. Never-the-less it will be a great boost to the scientific community at large, since, years of experience of an individual in a particular field of research has its unique foot prints to be reckoned with.

In all fairness it is expected that whenever the author(s) discover an inadvertent yet significant error or inaccuracy in their published work in IJSMET it is the author's obligation to promptly notify the journal and cooperate with the editor(s) to correct or retract the data at the earliest in the best interest of healthy development of science and technology.

IJSMET shall expect the highest ethical standards to be maintained by its contributors (with a mutual honor system) and especially in medical and life sciences reporting CARE MUST be conforming to the International code of ethics standards and procedures on human trials and animal experimentation.


The humble publication fee charged to the contributors will be used for charity purposes in totality after the minimum expenses required to maintain the JOURNAL IJSMET ALIVE WITH RESPECT.




IJSMET shall not take any responsibility for the contents of the articles published in the journal and all such responsibility shall lie with the author(s). The opinion(s) and the findings expressed in the articles published are solely of the author(s) where IJSMET subscribe NO VIEW either in favor or against of reported opinion and results, therein.

The Journal, IJSMET, does not claim any kind of copyright agreement from the author(s) on articles published here and has no scope for indulging with any kind of user licensing affairs, thereafter, either. Our policy is just to provide Open Access to scholarly knowledge.

However, IJSMET demands reproduction of published material in the part or whole in any form to effect with due acknowledgments and citations of the Author(s) name, and the source, IJSMET, as per good ethical practice.


Author Guide

For submission please download the Sample Paper and make necessary changes  per your requirements and then upload the pdf file for publication.  

All Categories of Contributions must contain three(3) components in the write up besides the Title, such as:

  1. In Essence
  2. Abstract
  3. The body of the Article

 In this way a prospective interested researcher/reader will not have to spend more than absolute minumum time required to make a decision as to whether he/she will invest futher time to the said piece of information/atricle.

 Authors please note that wherever a sample write up is not available, they are free to choose a format confirming to an International standard of reporting the matter.

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